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Posted 09/04/2017No comments | Interstate Moves

Moving to NYC! Why You Should Hire a Moving Company Before Making the Leap

There are a few thing that I believe every young-adult moving to a brand new country will experience. First, will I make new friends? Second, will I find a job? And third, how hard is this whole moving thing really? For me, I was terrified about whether or not I would be able to break into a social group and make new friends in New York. I mean, I’ve seen the TV shows and movies that portray it as a rough individual place where people use other people as a means of getting what they want… not the life-giving friendship of a small-town community. But, when I first connected with others in Brooklyn coffee shops after moving here, it was nothing like that! I mean, the people were so incredibly friendly… it was awesome!

Second question…. what about the JOB!? Well, it took me a couple of months of searching, but I finally found something as a part-time marketing rep that will hopefully turn into something longer term. I’m willing to work hard and I want to make Brooklyn my home.

Now, about that move. How hard was it? Moving is always a huge pain. There’s, unfortunately no way around it. To me, it’s a whole lot like getting your car washed. You have two options. You can either get out the bucket, rags, and towels and spend thirty-forty minutes doing it yourself. Everything will be done EXACTLY like you want it. Or, you can spend a few extra bucks, pay someone else to do it all for you, and it will look almost the same. Moving is a lot like that car wash…. and it’s worth hiring the best companies and letting them handle the move for you. Sure there are plenty of DIYers out there, but I am not one of them. I’ll save the moving for the pros.

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