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What to Look for When Hiring a Washington DC Moving Service

Washington, DC moving companies differ in price and services offered. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting when you pay for a mover. If you don’t do proper research, you could wind up paying more than you anticipated because you didn’t ask the right questions.

Here are some things to look for when hiring a Washington, DC moving service:

1. Years in business. It’s important to know a company’s history before hiring them to move your belongings from one location to the next. Doing so allows you to formulate an opinion about how the company operates. If it is a new business, it may be harder to find customer reviews or complaints. The moving company may not even have an established presence on the web yet. It’s up to you to determine if you want to go with the new guys or seasoned pros.

2. Reliable customer reviews. What do other people say about the moving service? Did they have a good or bad experience with it? How did the company respond? Did it offer a solution to its customers or just blow them off? Is the moving service registered with the Better Business Bureau? If it is, what is the company’s rating? Finding legitimate reviews helps you determine the overall satisfaction of the company which helps you decide whether to contact them or not.

3. A website you can access easily. If it’s impossible to find the company’s website or there is a whole lot of broken links, it’s a tell-tale sign that the moving service doesn’t care about the details. It’s apparent because it’s online presence is lackluster. You want to find a company where you can see what services are offered as well as different details including deposits and costs. You don’t want to spend precious time searching for information that isn’t listed or looking for a website that doesn’t exist. To get started finding a DC mover, check out Cheap Movers DC (, 3509 Connecticut Avenue NW #10028, Washington, DC 20008, (202) 774-9296).

4. A customer service number you can call to ask questions. If you need answers that you couldn’t find on the company’s website, you’ll want to be able to reach a representative so you can obtain the information that you require to hire a moving company to transport your belongings from one location to the next.

5. A detailed quote in writing based on the information you’ve provided. It’s important to get a copy of any service a company offers in writing. That way, there isn’t any confusion when it comes time to provide moving services. It also helps you get reimbursed for moving costs if your employer pays for them or deduct the amount spent on your taxes.

Hiring a moving service takes little effort once you know what to look for. You’ll be happy about your decision because your belongings are in good hands with the reputable company of your choice. You won’t be stuck moving boxes from your old home to your new home by yourself, either. That means you can start unpacking your stuff right away and start making your new house feel like home.

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How to Find Cheap Long Distance Moving Company Options

Moving to a new location across town can be a big project. Moving long distance, however, is a whole other story. If you’re planning a massive interstate relocation, you have to think about so many things in advance. It’s critical to think about all of the costs that are associated with interstate moves. The American Moving and Storage Association indicates that interstate, residential moves cost roughly $4,300. This applies to moves that cover approximately 1,225 miles. Intrastate moves, however, are markedly cheaper. Intrastate moves usually cost households roughly $2,300. If you really know how to bargain hunt, you can find inexpensive movers for even less! If you want to plan for a long distance move like a champion, you need to budget properly. It’s important to think about any and all expenses that may come your way as well. The more prepared you are, the easier the long distance moving process should be for you.

Common Moving Expenses

Being aware of all common moving expenses is wise. If you know what you’re up against, that can keep unpleasant surprises at bay. It’s important to think first and foremost about the costs associated with hiring a moving company. Professional movers can assist you with everything from the packing process to storage. If you think that you’ll need assistance with packing valuables, keep that potential cost in mind. If you anticipate the need for long or short-term storage, keep that possible cost in mind as well. Remember, too, that the more items you need to pack or store, the more money you’ll need to set aside. Focus on the distance of your move. Focus on the weight of your belongings. These things both come into play as far as costs go.

Be extremely thorough when planning your long distance move. Do you drive a car? If you have a car, you have to think about how it will get to your new home. Are you planning on shipping it there? Are you planning on going for a road trip and driving it there by yourself? If you have multiple cars, you have to multiply your costs.

There are other vital factors to remember. Supplies are a big part of the moving process. You need to purchase boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Costs for these things can add up greatly. That’s the reason it’s so important to be resourceful and clever. If you want to save big on moving boxes, you can ask your local grocery store if they have any free ones available to you.

Finding Affordable Professional Movers

Finding a professional moving company doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you know where to look. If you’re thorough and careful, you should be able to find many budget-friendly options on the Internet. Take advantage of online sources like Moving Companies Long Distance that can help you secure the lowest professional moving rates accessible. Seek advice and suggestions from others who have moved recently as well. If you have a friend who just moved to a new state, ask him or her for solid moving company recommendations.

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Houston Movers Share Five Moving Industry Secrets

Moving to a new home can be an incredibly exciting experience, but it can also cause no shortage of stress, headaches and hassles. Statistics show that people are moving less frequently than they used to, which means you might be lucky enough that your next move is your last one. However, whether it’s your first move or you’re an experienced mover who’s lived in numerous houses throughout your lifetime, there are a several moving industry secrets shared with us by these Houston movers. You can use these tricks of the trade to make sure your moving day goes smoothly. Furthermore, by following these tips you may also be able to lower the overall costs of your move, which can definitely be a huge help in these times of ever-increasing moving prices.


This might seem obvious since you can’t very well pack without boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other moving supplies. Nonetheless, purchasing all your moving supplies before you ever start packing will make things much simpler in the long run. In addition, you can also save a bit of money by buying all your moving supplies in bulk instead of running out to the shop every time you need more boxes or tape.

Most homeowners drastically underestimate the moving supplies they’ll need. This is especially problematic when it comes to packing fragile items, as trying to load too many into one box is usually a recipe for disaster.


One of the reasons that you want to have all your moving supplies on hand before you start packing is that it allows you to pack much more efficiently and to keep things better organized. In this sense, it’s always a good idea to label and number each box and keep an inventory sheet of exactly what is in each box. By doing so, you’ll save yourself a ton of time and hassle when it comes time to try to find everything in your new house.


In addition to keeping an inventory of what’s inside each box, it’s also a great idea to create some sort of organizing system so you know exactly where each box should go in the new house. It’s obviously important to keep items separated out by room, i.e. bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. However, you should also consider labeling boxes according to what needs to be unpacked immediately and what can wait.

Making sure to pack in an organized way is the easiest way to ensure you know exactly where everything should go and where everything is. Furthermore, it will prevent you from having to open and unpack half your boxes just to find the corkscrew you need for that celebratory bottle of wine.


Once the movers finally show up, time is of the essence. Therefore, it is important that you are fully ready when they arrive to prevent wasted time. One easy way to simplify things and ensure the move goes smoothly is to make sure that the movers have clear access to both your old and new homes. Even something as simple as trimming any bushes, branches or other obstructions can go a long way towards speeding up the moving process.


Labeling your boxes is always important to ensure that the movers know where everything goes. However, you can simplify things even further by making a color-coded map of your new home and then using labels to color code the boxes accordingly. This will help prevent any confusion from arising during the move and should help ensure everything goes smoothly and quickly.

Moving into a new home should be a happy, memorable experience. Luckily, by following these professional moving company tips, you should be able to enjoy the move without all the stress and worry that normally comes with it.

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Life Update… Left The Big Apple For Capitol Hill

While I’ve loved the last 6 years as a single girl in NYC, a career opportunity opened up for me that I just couldn’t refuse. So two months ago, I packed up my tiny shoebox of an apartment and called the movers. Living in DC offers many opportunities for career, social, and romantic aspects of […]

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Moving to NYC! Why You Should Hire a Moving Company Before Making the Leap

There are a few thing that I believe every young-adult moving to a brand new country will experience. First, will I make new friends? Second, will I find a job? And third, how hard is this whole moving thing really? For me, I was terrified about whether or not I would be able to break into a social group and make new friends in New York. I mean, I’ve seen the TV shows and movies that portray it as a rough individual place where people use other people as a means of getting what they want… not the life-giving friendship of a small-town community. But, when I first connected with others in Brooklyn coffee shops after moving here, it was nothing like that! I mean, the people were so incredibly friendly… it was awesome!

Second question…. what about the JOB!? Well, it took me a couple of months of searching, but I finally found something as a part-time marketing rep that will hopefully turn into something longer term. I’m willing to work hard and I want to make Brooklyn my home.

Now, about that move. How hard was it? Moving is always a huge pain. There’s, unfortunately no way around it. To me, it’s a whole lot like getting your car washed. You have two options. You can either get out the bucket, rags, and towels and spend thirty-forty minutes doing it yourself. Everything will be done EXACTLY like you want it. Or, you can spend a few extra bucks, pay someone else to do it all for you, and it will look almost the same. Moving is a lot like that car wash…. and it’s worth hiring the best companies and letting them handle the move for you. Sure there are plenty of DIYers out there, but I am not one of them. I’ll save the moving for the pros.

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